Our first adult in the beginner group & George works on rock fakies

George working his way up to a rock fakie

The good weather is back, hopefully to stay, and so we had a good turn out at the weekend. We had our first adult at the beginner skateboarding group class on Saturday, Imogen who did herself proud! She rolled down the bank by herself by the end of the lesson. She came with her daughter, and I’m hoping she will be the first of many to try out skateboarding with their kids.

We had five in our progressing class at 11am, including George in the above picture, who is just getting up to the coping and is trying to rock fakie (fakie means backwards; you rock your skateboard over, and then come out backwards). I’m hoping this class will encourage the beginners to learn to drop in and come to our progressing skateboarders lesson.

You can book for our group lessons in Charlton park today.

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