8. Kick turn on the spot

You probably want to kick turn on a bank or quarter pipe, but we are going to break this right down for you, and do it on the spot first.

Lifting the nose

We’re trying something new, so get into a good low riding stance. We are going to load up our tail with most of our weight. We are then going to lift the nose very quickly up and down. The more comfortable you get with this the longer you will be able to hold it up for. This is like a wheelie on a bike, and is known as a manual on skateboard, which you’ll learn later.

When you’re comfortable with doing this, try and turn the board backside (that is in the direction you are facing), even just a cm or two. You’ll probably find you’re doing this accidentally anyway. Now try and do it with intent.

Winding up your kick turn

Once you are doing little kick-turns with confidence, we can take it to the next level. To get a bigger kick-turn, we need to wind up before we unwind. To wind up, turn your arms and shoulders in opposite direction to which you want to turn. Then unwind; swing your arms and shoulders in the direction you want to to turn, as your shoulders align with your hips, start the kick turn by engaging the hips in the rotation you have created with your upper body. You will find you get a much bigger kick-turn now.

We are going to want to get a comfortable quarter turn before we take this to the flat bank or quarter pipe. To practice this, repeat the movement like so, wind up, unwind & turn, wind up, unwind and turn. Nice flowing movements. As you try and make a bigger turn you will need to balance the energy going into the kick-turn with stability. So you should gradually try and increase the turn. Be patient and a bigger kick-turn will come.

Front side kick turns

You should also be working on a front side kick turn at this point. Repeat the same activity but turn in the opposite direction. If you are regular frontside is anti-clockwise. If goofy, it is clockwise.