Mudchute skatepark

mudchute ledge and flatbank hip
Mudchute skatepark is on the Isle of Dogs accessible via the DLR, and close to Canary Wharf. It is a small but modern concrete park. There is a quarter pipe which is bowled out at one end, which you can wall ride off of, a flat bank hip, a couple of blocks, and some banks. [...] Continue reading

Whitegrounds skatepark

whitegrounds skatepark london bridge overview
Whitegrounds is a plaza/DIY style skatepark built by Southwark Council under the railway arches close to London Bridge. Whilst the skatepark is free it is not open all the time. It is usually open 9am til 5pm. mini ramp hubba bank to ledge whitegrounds overview Skateboard lessons at Whitegrounds Skatepark Add to basket Private skateboard [...] Continue reading

Charlton Park Skatepark

Charlton Park Skatepark overview
Charlton Park Skatepark was built in 2017 by Greenwich Council. The school of skate run group lessons and private skateboard lessons at Charlton, and have run birthday parties, and scout group sessions there. Charlton skatepark bowl Charlton skatepark street course Charlton skatepark hydrant Charlton skatepark rails and hubbas Skateboarding lessons at Charlton Park skatepark Book Charlton Beginner [...] Continue reading