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Engage pupils disinterested in traditional sports

Many educational settings struggle to engage students in physical activity because of a dislike for competitive sports.

Unlike traditional sport, in skateboarding there are no winners or losers, it doesn’t require a team, a pitch, a kick off time, or even rules, and as such, has a broad appeal as an enrichment option to students.

School of Skate can bring skateboards, safety gear, and obstacles to your site for after school enrichment activities and run lessons for up to 20 students.

We have an online Learning Platform for students to use and for coaches to log progress.

Our coaches are:

  • accredited by SkateboardGB
  • covered by public liability insurance to £3m
  • enhanced DBS checked
  • first aid trained

Learn life skills

Skateboarding shown to contribute to mental health and wellbeing in developing:



Social skills

Our Skateboarding Programmes

We track students progress on our Learning Platform, with:

  • Goals
  • Clear steps to reach those goals
  • Assessments
  • Certification
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The students really enjoyed it and got so much out of it

Jonathan Ronan

Bonus Pastor Catholic College

Funding skateboarding in Schools with Sport Premium

The government has awarded extra funding to Primary Schools known as Sport Premium to get more kids doing physical activity.

Skateboarding is an excellent way to meet the key indicators of:

  • Broadening the variety of activities offered
  • Involving and encouraging the least active children

Skateboarding often appeals to those who don’t identify as sporty, and as such can appeal to less active children. Skateboarding is also a good way of raising the profile of PE and sports within the school.

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Some of our After School Clubs

After School Skateboard Club in Lewisham

We were approached by Bonus Pastor College, a secondary school in Lewisham at the end of summer to see if we could run a skateboard class after school hours. We were happy to oblige and currently run a class with up to 20 students. We use the tarmac ball court to run the lesson, bringing […]