Victoria Park Raemers Skatepark

Victoria Park Raemers Skatepark Bowl

Renamed after the late great Essex boy Ben Raemers, Victoria Park Raemers skatepark is a modern concrete bowl skatepark. This skatepark accommodates arguably the most challenging bowl in London.

Skateboard lessons at Victoria park Raemers’ skatepark

Skatepark design and Layout

The skatepark’s centrepiece is an overhead cradle which is incorporated into the middle section of the bowl which makes up almost two thirds of the skatepark. The bowl has a deep end which is goes to vert at around 12 feet deep. Outside of the bowl there is a DIY style section with:

  • a bowled out section with pool coping,
  • a number of ledges,
  • a pump bump

Learning features

The park isn’t the best for beginners but there are many features you can use. There are some short steep banks in the ‘street’ section of the park which are good for learning to roll into and to ride to fakie.

The bowl has a mini-ramp section which is good for learning to pump. The pump bump is good for just learning to ride over.

There is a very small but tight quarter pipe to learn to drop in. Once you have done this, it is quite a step up to try and drop into the other quarter pipes in the skatepark. The flat banks aren’t the best for learning to kickturn but there are plenty of quarter pipes in the bowl if you can get in there when it’s quiet.


There is a cafe next to the skatepark and a great adventure playground and waterpark to keep the little ones busy.


There is paid parking around Victoria Park. You will need to give yourself 5 – 10 minutes to walk to the middle of the park where the skatepark is.

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