Mudchute skatepark

mudchute ledge and flatbank hip

Mudchute skatepark is on the Isle of Dogs accessible via the DLR, and close to Canary Wharf. It is a small but modern concrete park. There is a quarter pipe which is bowled out at one end, which you can wall ride off of, a flat bank hip, a couple of blocks, and some banks.

Skateboard lessons at Mudchute Skatepark

Skatepark design and Layout

The skatepark has a good mix of street and transition features:

  • a 3ft quarterpipe which is bowled at one end
  • a block/manual pad with a raised transitioned section which you can ride onto
  • a block with a flat bank
  • a flat bank hip
  • some banks with metal edging so you can grind/slide it

Learning features

The park is great for learning the basics of pushing and carving. The park is on a slope so you can get moving along without having to push too hard.

There is a super mellow flat bank from the higher section of the park for practicing The Roll In, The Fakie, and for learning The Kickturn.

The tiny quarter pipe off the block is too steep for learning The Drop In. It may be better to use the larger quarter pipe, which is more mellow, but still quite challenging. It is quite rough where the top layer has worn off the surface. This isn’t the best park to learn The Drop In.


There are shops across the road. There is a youth centre next to the skatepark. There isn’t a convenient toilet if the youth centre isn’t open.

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