Folkestone gardens skatepark

Folkestone gardens skatepark

Folkestone Gardens skatepark is a modern concrete skatepark in Deptford, South London. The skatepark was built by Freestyle and Lewisham borough council in 2016. The park design is DIY influenced and has some street features but has more bowl and transition.

School of skate started beginner group skateboarding lessons at Deptford in 2020, and progressing group lessons shortly thereafter. We also run private one to one and private group lessons – including skateboarding birthday parties at this skatepark.

Skateboarding lessons at Folkestone gardens skatepark, Deptford

Design & layout

Folkestone gardens has one end that is predominantly bowl features, with a bowl that opens out into a space with four transition hips, and a fifty pence piece type feature with flat hips in the middle. The other end is more street features, with a curved ledge and three set of stairs with a rail going down. In the middle of the park is a section that can be skated like a mini-ramp.

Learning features

There are small but whippy transitions in the mini ramp space which can be used for learning to drop in. These transitions aren’t ideal as they are quite steep. There are some mellow flat banks at the street end of the park which is good for learning to ride up and down banks, kick turn etc. At the other end there are some more challenging terrain to ride down on the banks that make up the fifty pence piece. The mini-ramp is good for learning to pump.

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