Holiday skate camp

Holiday Skate Camp runs Monday to Friday during the holidays, with a daily mix of activities both on the board, and off

Where is skate camp available?

At your location

The skate camp format can be brought to your organisation

  • We can brings skateboards, pads & ramps to your location
  • We do require indoor space, where we can undertake rainy weather activity (not necessarily on the board).
  • Optional trips to local skateparks

At Copeland Park

We run Skate Camp at our Skatepark in Copeland park, Peckham.

Our facility is purpose built for running skate camp activities, a skatepark with speakers, a projector, fingerboard skatepark, games console, TV and crash mats.

Summer skate camp session at Copeland Park

Why join skate camp?

We skate..

Yes, obvs, we skate, we decide what skills we are going to work on, and we film clip to share with parents at show and tell at the end of the day

We get creative

We have arts and crafts workshops, designing your own pro model skateboard, making stickers

We play

It’s not all skate skate skate. There’s basketball, dodgeball, ping pong (summer), games consoles, and we play skate games which brings everyone together

Skate Camp Programme

We begin by separating into a beginner and a more advanced group.

  • 10am – One hour lesson in the morning
    • Review our current skill level
    • Agree what skill(s) we will work on
  • 11am – An hour free skate/chill out
  • 12pm – An hour for lunch + ball games
  • 1pm – Skate activities e.g.
    • Lava game
    • Dodgeball
    • Skate assault course
    • Skate cinema
    • Balance competition
  • 2pm – Free skate/chill out
  • 2.45 – Show and Tell. Watch clips of the day’s skateboarding acheivement (parents’ attendance mandatory!)

In the chill out area we have different activities for students to do:

  • Balance board
  • Tech deck skatepark
  • Xbox + Skate 2
  • TV – viewing skate videos
skate camp peckham copeland park London

Book Skate Camp at Copeland Park

Skate Camp is at Copelands Park Peckham during all the school holidays:

  • Half Terms
  • Easter Holidays
  • Summer Holidays
  • Christmas Holidays

Book the week and get a day free!