Mile End Skatepark

mile end skatepark

Built by Gravity in 2011, Mile End skatepark is designed primarily for street skaters, with ledges for days, but also features a challenging bowl.

Currently we only offer private skateboarding lessons at Mile End Skatepark.

Skateboard lessons at Mile End skatepark

Skatepark design and Layout

The skatepark is a circuit of street features with some pump bumps in the middle, which makes it popular with street skaters. On the far side of the park next to the bowl is a long ledge running about 15 metres across.

There is a mellow flat bank adjoining the bowl which is used as a starting point for a run, which approaches the flat bank hip to ledge. From there, following the line there is a flat bar, then a planter, followed by a taco, then a manny pad, and finally a irregular shaped pyramid feature before the bowl.

Learning features

There is a mellow bank that is good for learning The Roll In and to The Fakie.

The bowl has a section which can be used for learning The Pump however one side is flat and other bowled out, so it’s tricky. The pump bumps are also good for learning to ride over and to pump.

The bowl is best to learn to The Drop In. There is a very small quarter pipe next the bowl but it is quite short and abrupt. The flat bank hips can be used for learning to kickturn and the bowl can be used to learn to kickturn on transition.


Across the road is the Mile End Children’s Park and Pavilion. It has a toilet and kiosk and is good for keeping the smaller kids occupied.


Parking is difficult and the skatepark is best reached by public transport. There is paid parking in Mile End Leisure Centre next door.

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