Peckham Rye skatepark

peckham rye mini ramp

Peckham Rye skatepark is in Peckham Rye Park. It is a collection of ramps of metal construction on a tarmac base. There is a mini ramp, and a number of quarterpipes, a fun box and flat banks.

Skatepark design and Layout

The skatepark is largely made up of quarterpipes and flatbanks of a similar size. The main features are:

  • a 5ft mini ramp
  • a quarterpipe to flat bank,
  • a transition to flat bank funbox
  • a flat bank to flat bank funbox
  • a flat bar

Learning features

There is plenty of flat ground for learning The Push and The Carve.

The ramps are quite large on the whole, but the the flat bank fun boxes are good for learning The Roll In and The Fakie. The mini-ramp is perfect for learning to pump.

You can use the transition fun box to learn The Drop In. Once you have done this, it is quite a step up to try and drop into the other quarter pipes in the skatepark.

The flat banks aren’t the best for learning The KickturnΒ but there are plenty of large but mellow quarter pipes around to practice on.


The Round cafe is a few minutes walk from the skatepark with toilets and a playground next to it. There is also an adventure playground next to the skatepark.


There is free street parking a few minutes walk from the skatepark.

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