Poole Bourne Valley Skatepark

Bourne Valley Skatepark overview

Bourne Valley Skatepark in Poole was built by Maverick skateparks in 2016. It is of sprayed concrete construction and is located in Bourne Valley Park in Rossmore, in the borough of Poole. The design is modern and quite transition heavy, with an open ended bowl which leads into a ‘street’ course with plenty of quarterpipes, jump boxes, and transition hips. The skatepark is great for carving as such. There are a few street features in the mix but it appears a lot of consideration has been given over to BMX riders.

Skateboard lessons at Bourne Valley Skatepark

Skatepark design and Layout

The skatepark is made up of linked bowl and street course areas.

The street course has:

  • a flat rail
  • hubbas
  • euro gap
  • a jump box
  • curved ledge

The bowl is open ended and leads into the street course, with three hips and a spine.

Learning features

The park is great for learning to Carve. There is a qu.

There is a flat bank with where the euro gap is which is good for The Roll In, The Fakie, and for learning The Kickturn.

There is a quarterpipe at the far end of the street course where you can practice The Drop In.


You are close to Rossmore Leisure Centre where there are toilet facilities. There is also a dirt bike track next to the skatepark which will keep the kids entertained.

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