12. The roll in

In this lesson we learn to roll into a bank or slope that you would typically find in a skatepark. Try and find a bank that isn’t too steep, like at Charlton Park and Folkestone gardens skateparks.

Building block skills

You should know how to fall, how to push along, and how to carve on your skateboard.

Steps to rolling into a bank

Assume riding stance

The most important thing about rolling into a bank is to have a solid riding stance. So we should get used to pushing off into a nice and wide stance, with our back foot extending onto the tail of the skateboard, and we should be in a low stance, ready to put our hands down if we need to stabilise ourselves.

Weight distribution

Next we need to get our front trucks over the edge of the bank. The key here is to lean forwards, and counter that instinct to maintain weight on the back foot.

After that, just stay on. Don’t jump off your board. Use your hands on the ground if you need to stabilise so we learn from our mistakes.

Pumping to get/kill speed

Once you are comfortable with this try pumping, to get more speed. To do this put more weight on the front leg as you go over the edge. After all four wheels are on the slope transfer the weight to your back leg while you straighten your legs. You should feel yourself pick up more speed. Reverse this to kill speed.

Next steps

Try taking it to a steeper bank and/or a bank with less of a flat section and more transition. Then try riding up the bank and coming out backwards or fakie.

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