11. The fakie revert

Let’s say you’re at the skatepark, and you ride up a bank and come out fakie, you want to turn around and face front. What do you do? You do a backside revert.

Building block skills

To do this you should be able to kick turn and ride to fakie off a bank.

Steps to a fakie backside revert

Roll backwards(fakie)

If you can push fakie, great, do that, otherwise, find a bank or transition, and ride up to fakie to get the speed to roll backwards slowly.


While rolling backwards, move your back foot onto the tail. Lower your centre of gravity. Essentially we’re going to use the same motion as a kick turn.

Now wind up – turn the opposite way to which you’re going to turn.

Do a kickturn

Refer back the kick turn lesson if you need to recap because we’re not going to go over it again here.

Unwind… as the shoulders align with the hips, lift the front legs and execute your kick turn.

With the kick turn on a flat bank you get several bites of the apple to get round, with the revert you have to do it in one go. If you have difficulty just go back and practice your kick turn.

Next steps

You should also learn the fakie revert frontside (the opposite direction), and then learn it going forward and pivoting on the nose. These skills are key building blocks for frontside and backside ollies on the flat, and frontside and backside disasters on quarterpipes.

You can combine this skill with a rock to fakie on the quarterpipe to learn the half cab rock to fakie.

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