Bromley Skatepark

Bromley skatepark funboxes

Bromley Skatepark is a metal & Skatelite construction in Church House Gardens which is right in the town centre. The design is quite dated but the surfaces have been replaced recently. There is a street course and miniramp with an extension and hips.

Skateboard lessons at Bromley Skatepark

Skatepark design and Layout

The skatepark is made up of street course and miniramp areas.

The street course has:

  • a large flat bank
  • some rails
  • a flat bank funbox
  • a jump box with a gentle transition for BMX/Scooters
  • a small quarterpipe

The mini ramp is close to 5 foot high with an extension up to 6 foot. The ramp is quite wide, around 24 foot.  There are two transition hips on each side of the ramp that lead onto quite rough tarmac.

Learning features

The park is OK for learning to Push and Carve. The floor is quite rough, so whilst it’s good for absolute beginners who don’t want their board to move much, it’s not very good for those progressing their skills.

The flat bank and the fun boxes are quite mellow and so good for practicing The Roll In, The Fakie, and for learning The Kickturn.

The fun boxes have extremely mellow transitions and can be used to practice The Drop In. Dropping in on the quarterpipe on the street course is big step up, and will feel very quick in comparison.


You are 2 mins walk from the town centre where you can find toilets and coffee shops in the Glades.

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