Hackney bumps skatepark


Hackney bumps is a concrete skatepark from the 1970’s. It has recently been restored, the surface smoothed, and has had new features added by the community group that has grown over there.

Skateboard lessons at Hackney Bumps skatepark

Skatepark design and Layout

The skatepark is a series of irregular bumps and slopes from the original design, with some new features added by the community:

  • some quarterpipes,
  • a flat bank hip,
  • a ledge and
  • a rail.

Learning features

The skatepark has very little level ground so can be challenging for beginners. There is a path outside that can be used for learning the basics however. Once you can push and carve, you can get into the skatepark and use some of the more mellow slopes to learn to cruise and learn to pump the bumps – which is the most fun of all.

The quarter-pipes and transitions are quite tight and steep, so aren’t the best for learning to kickturn or drop in.


There is a playground next to the skatepark to keep the little ones busy. There are no toilets.

You can follow the Hackney Bumps community on Instagram.

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