Stockwell skatepark

stockwell skatepark

Stockwell skatepark is a 70’s skatepark which has had some modern additions. The old section of the park is a flowing snake run. The newer section of the park is bowled out with coping. It has recently been refurbished.

Skateboard lessons at Stockwell Skatepark

Skatepark design and Layout

The original design from the 70’s is a free flowing snake run, which was designed for pumping & carving around. New features have been added over the years. The design of the park is quite unique as such. The main features are:

  • a snake run
  • an open ended bowl
  • a ledge/manny pad
  • a dish
  • a flat bar

Learning features

There is some flat ground for learning The Push and The Carve.

There are plenty of quarter pipes for practicing theΒ The Fakie. The bowl is suitable for learning to pump.

There is a small quarter pipe on the north side of the to learn The Drop In. Once you have done this, it is quite a step up to try and drop into the other quarter pipes in the skatepark.


The skatepark is situated very close to Brixton high street so there is plenty of shops & cafes around.


You have to pay for parking. Avoid driving to the skatepark if possible.

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