7. The throw down

We are going to learn the throw down today. Initially we want to just get a fluid drop and step on into riding stance, but eventually this is going to develop into a full blown throw down and jump on, so we can get onto our board at speed with relatively little run up.

The building blocks

To do this you need to be able to push along and carve comfortably.

Steps to learn The Throw Down

Assume the throw down stance

So we hold the nose of our skateboard in our leading hand. That’s left if you’re regular, or right if you’re goofy.

You let the board hang down the corresponding leg, and step forward with your pushing foot, like so, to assume the starting position for this move.

The tail of the skateboard should be on the ground, touching the toe of the foot which goes on your board whilst pushing. Weight should be distributed evenly between each leg.

To start the movement, you will shift your weight to the pushing foot, whilst dragging the tail of the board along the ground.

As most of the weight transfers to the pushing foot, you’ll move forwards, and lift the other foot up and towards the front part of the board.

Drop the board to the floor into push stance

As your weight transfers to the leading foot above the board, you will place it on the bolts, foot pointing forwards, anticipating a push stance, taking the board and your body weight to the floor.

Push off with the back foot, then lift it and plant it on the tail.

Move to riding stance

Once you are riding you will want to turn the front foot and assume the riding stance.

Ok, that’s it. Just keep practicing until you can take a couple of steps to walk into the motion and get more speed up.

Next steps

As you get more speed up you will want to place the front foot more square, so you can jump directly into a solid low riding stance. Eventually you will be able to run at full pelt throwing the board down and jumping onto it. That feels good!

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Here`s Max learning how to jump on his board, riding down the driveway and go up the bank, coming out #ridingfakie. Covering a lot of ground this morning - in more ways than one! Thanks @jessmox
For bringing him along.

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#skateschool at #charlton last weekend. Here we are learning to drop and step onto our boards in one fluid motion.. no pushing required 😀

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