1. Choose your Stance, Regular or Goofy

Today we’re going to figure out what stance we are, regular, or goofy, and along the way we’ll learn the push stance.

Here’s our skateboard on the floor. If you’re right footed that foot stays on the floor and your left foot goes on the board, covering the bolts.

This is called regular stance. If you’re left footed that goes on the floor, and your right foot goes on the skateboard, again covering the bolts. This is called goofy stance.

The strongest foot does the pushing

So it’s your strongest foot that does the pushing. Why the strongest foot you ask? Well, if you look at the motion when you push your skateboard, it alternates between a kick and a push. As such whichever foot you’re used to kicking with should be used.

If you have been riding a scooter and been pushing with your weaker foot, you do have the option to change over. It’s a common mistake to put your stronger leg on the board. If you swap over it may hamper progress initially but it should improve quickly.