15. The drop off

Ok, we’re going to learn the last and hardest beginner skill. The drop off. We use this to get down a kerb, or bigger drop safely.

You can just roll down a kerb, but this technique doesn’t work when you take it to bigger drops.

Required building blocks

To do this you should be able to manual for at least a second or two.This is the trick that most of my students that have trouble with, but the manual is the key, and you can practice your manual all day, every day at home on the carpet. You have no excuses for not being able to do this trick!

Steps to learn the drop off

Find a kerb

Find a kerb, or a drop off that isn’t too big. The smaller the better. You could even find a crack or line and just imagine the drop is there to practice this.

The approach

OK, get nice and low riding stance as we approach the drop.

Lift the front truck before it reaches the edge, and manual to the edge.

The drop off

Anticipating the drop, lean forward and exit the manual so that all four wheels contact the floor at the same time.


Bear in mind that the faster you go, the shorter time you will need to manual for, but faster means less control.

Next steps

That’s it. Now take it to bigger and bigger drops, which is an impressive trick in itself without having to learn to ollie.

The drop off is a fundamental skill used for coming out of grinds and all sorts of tricks. Next try popping an ollie as you go down the drop.

If you have completed all the skills required for your beginner grading you can start on the progressing skills.

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@nicole_sk8_eww with the dropoff πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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@nicole_sk8_eww learning to drop off the kerb at #folkestonegardens. The trick guide is on our website. Link in bio..

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George #learntodropoff kerbs.. up to drop off the big ledges next! Well done George!

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