Deptford Progressing Skateboard Lesson


Deptford Progressing Skateboard Lesson


Lewisham Council have placed a ban on commercial activity at Folkestone Gardens. We will continue on a non-profit basis while we can.

Recommended donation is £10 per person per lesson.

What? 1 hour group skateboard lesson for progressing riders
Who? Ages 5 – 75.  For those with their own equipment who are learning The Drop In unassisted
Where? Folkestone Gardens Skatepark, Deptford

No equipment provided.

Pick an event on the calendar:
Student #1

A skateboard lesson for those who’ve passed their Beginner Grading, you must:

Choose street or transition pathways. Learn transition tricks on the quarter pipe, like rock to fakie and axle stalls. Learn how to ollie, grind, and other flat land tricks, like shuv-its and flips.

Skateboard Instructors are fully insured and enhanced DBS checked.

What should we wear for our skateboard lesson?

Please wear skate shoes or soft-soled shoes, and clothes you don’t mind getting a little scuffed or dusty..


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