Group lesson cancellations

If your group lesson has been cancelled due to poor weather, we do not reschedule your lesson because we do not know your availability. Instead we ask you to request a refund code, which you can use to rebook at your convenience.

Requesting a refund code

Please login to your Booking Account, (or login here if Copeland Park) and navigate to your Bookings. Your booking should be listed, with a status of ‘Cancelled’. You will see a ‘Request a refund’ button against your cancelled booking.

Click the ‘Request a refund’ button to generate your refund code. You don’t need to use it today. Your refund code will show up in ‘Store credit’ in your Booking Account menu.

If you do not see the Request a refund button

If you used a refund code to make your booking the Request a refund button will not appear. In this case the original code will still be valid. You can see your codes under the ‘Store credit’ option in your booking account menu.

Does my code expire?

There’s no need to generate your code today. You can do it when you are ready to rebook. There is no expiry for your refund code. Once generated it will be in ‘Store credit’ in your Booking Account menu.