Learning to skateboard. Where to start?

To learn to skateboard you need the right equipment and to know what to do with it.

If you come to one of our skateboard lessons you can skip most of these steps. But if you can’t get along, here is a step by step guide to learning to skateboard.

1. Decide what type of skateboarding you want to do..

There are different styles of riding a skateboard which require different types of skateboards. e.g.

  • Shortboards
  • Cruisers
  • Longboards
  • Surf Skates
  • Penny boards

The first step is to decide what style you want to try.

surf skate

2. Get a skateboard

There are two key steps to get a skateboard

Find a fit-for-purpose skateboard

Sounds obvious, but getting a decent skateboard is not easy. Unfortunately most retailers don’t have the expertise to identify a skateboard that actually works! 

See our beginner skateboard buying guide or try one of ours at our lessons

Get the right size for you

We always suggest trying a skateboard at one of group classes because we can provide the right size board and adjust the trucks for you. You can use this information to buy a skateboard.

If you can’t get along to our lessons, please see our buying and sizing guide.

3. Adjust your skateboard trucks

Whilst you may have bought the right size board for you, your skateboard is not setup out of the box for you.

In some circumstances you may need to change the bushings in the trucks. Learn how to adjust your trucks.

skateboard trucks

4. Get some safety pads and a helmet

You should get good quality safety gear to protect yourself from injury, and also allow yourself to take calculated risks, and learn quicker.

5. Find somewhere to learn to skateboard

The skatepark may not be the best place to learn to skateboard for a beginner skateboarder.

Read about the different places you can practice and why you should or shouldn’t go there. 

victoria park skatepark bowl

6. What should I learn on my skateboard?

Finally if you’ve completed all the previous steps you will be able to start learning.

What skills should you practice first? Our beginner programme details what skills you should learn, in what order, to build your confidence on your skateboard.

7. How to use the skatepark

You’ve learnt The Push, and the basic beginner skills. Next you will want to go to the skatepark to learn some more advanced skills.

This might be scary. Read about the top 3 rules for the skatepark..