After School Skateboard Club in Lewisham

after school club lewisham

We were approached by Bonus Pastor College, a secondary school in Lewisham at the end of summer to see if we could run a skateboard class after school hours. We were happy to oblige and currently run a class with up to 20 students.

We use the tarmac ball court to run the lesson, bringing a kicker ramp & all the pads and equipment. The ramp allows us to train all the skills in the Beginner Programme. We’ve provided access to the Beginner App to track and test their knowledge of the skills we are working on.

There is a mix of boys and girls from years 8 to 11.  There is wide range of skill levels with some bringing their own boards, and working on more advanced skills like Shuv-Its and Ollies. We’ve pictured above the novice students working on their balance practice for The Drop In. A few of the more novice students have enjoyed it so much they have bought their own boards and are practicing on their own time. A few have their Christmas presents lined up already.

Skateboarding as Enrichment activity

Skateboarding is a great activity for an Enrichment Programme. Enrichment Programmes feature activities that extend children’s learning beyond the usual subjects at School and are beneficial in broadening students’ horizons.

If you’d like to know more about enrichment activities or running a skateboarding after school club at your school please contact us.


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