How do you want to learn to skateboard?

e-Learn to Skateboard

£29 (Beginner)

  • Structured Video-based Tutorials
  • Track your Progress
  • Test your Knowledge

Group Skateboard Lessons

£10/£12 per hour

Access to e-Learning, plus;

  • Coach-assisted Learning
  • Equipment provided (Beginners)

Private Skateboard Lessons


Access to e-Learning, plus

  • Coach-directed Learning
  • Personalised Lesson Plans
how to skateboard app

Graduate The School of Skate

Learn, Track your Progress, and Graduate the Beginner Group with our Skateboarding e-Learning platform

Free access when you book a skateboarding lesson or

Skateboards & all safety
equipment provided

Group skateboarding lessons

The School of Skate operates skateboarding schools across London and Bournemouth. We started group skateboarding lessons in 2017 when the new skatepark opened in Charlton Park, in London SE7.

We have since expanded, starting group lessons at Folkestone Gardens skatepark, Deptford in 2020, and starting Victoria Park skatepark, Peckham Rye Park. and  Whitegrounds, London Bridge in 2021. We provide both beginner and progressing skateboarding lessons. We teach boys, girls, and adults from 5 years old upwards with a wide range of abilities. We can provide skateboards & all safety equipment, or you can bring your own. We provide insured & DBS enhanced checked skateboard instructors.

Private skateboarding lessons

Whilst based in South London we provide private skateboarding lessons at skateparks across most of London. We have run birthday party lessons, Scout group lessons, and local Council events. We can arrange to bring portable ramps & rails to your venue. Please contact us if you have any questions about our services.

Like our School of Skate facebook page to receive announcements about ticket releases and news.

Skateboarding Parties

Birthday? Christmas? Hen? Stag? You name it..

Yes, have the most epic Birthday skateboarding party. We bring all the gear to your local park and can provide party bags, GoPro videos of your day. All you need to do is bring the Birthday cake..

Beginner skateboarding lessons

Not everyone wants to do a laser flip down 16 stairs. At the School of Skate we recognise that the vast majority of us are beginners, who have more modest goals, so we focus on helping you stand up on your board, ride along, and falling (with style). The beginner classes take you to the point of being able to do The Drop In.

When you’ve learnt to drop in you can do your Beginner Grading, get the T-Shirt, and join the Progressing Group.

Learn more about our beginner skateboarding programme.

Progressing skateboarding lessons

We provide progressing group and private lessons. After you’ve learnt the basics we can take you forward to follow either a street or transition pathway. With street, you can learn to ollie, and grind (we have specialised equipment made just for this), and onto more advanced skills like the kickflip. With transition you learn to skate ramps and to carve bowls, and can learn lip tricks and airs.

If you’ve got any questions about progressing your skateboarding beyond the basics you can drop us a message.

Skateboard Buyers Guide

Before you can learn you need the right skateboard

We always suggest you come and try one of ours. We’ll show you what size you need, how to adjust it and how much to spend. But if you can’t do that please see our sizing & buying guide.

skateboard buying guide - popsicle shape

Locations of our skateboarding lessons

royal borough of Greenwich
Rosemary Works School
Southwark Council
Youth First London

Check out the 🌈 over @folkestonegardensskatepark today


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Here's @finn_does_skateboarding graduating with his drop in at Charlton 🙌

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Just wrote a post comparing a decathlon kids board with the blind og soft top. There are pros and cons to both. Often complete skateboards for kids come with bushings that are far too hard. This needs addressing. Link to the site in bio.

As always #supportskaterowned if you can

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Getting a drop together for coach @sorenpaillou at Victoria park.

Party bags for tomorrow, a @clown_skateboards deck for their #passthetorch campaign, @theskateboarderscompanion
Issue 6 for our pro students, and grading packs including sticker pack exclusive school of skate t-shirts and a @techdeck

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So much progress with Zoe this morning. She thought she turned a corner learning just to hoik the board up the kerb. Try try and try again 😉

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Another contender in the skate cake off. I preferred this one after Barbie fell over and she was on her bum. Much more on theme 😉

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Community clean up & free skateboard lesson at @folkestonegardensskatepark on Monday 🚮

10am cleanup followed by a 10.30 lesson 🛹

10 places available. Book online - link in bio

#freeskatelessons #se8 #deptford #communitycleanup

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Our first adult graduate of the Beginner programme finally got her grading pack!! I told you it was in the post @rachellouisehunt 😁

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