26th Jul - 30th Aug

Early bird catches the worm. Book a week, get a free day!

Drop the kids off 10am or work from our gallery, return at 2.45 for show and tell.

  • Skate lessons
  • Skate games
  • Skate cinema
  • Art workshops


  • All levels
  • Age 6 and up


Birthday? Stag/Hen? Team-building?

Our skatepark in Copeland Park, Peckham is great for weather proofing your party, or we can come to your local skatepark/your location.

We can provide:

  • Party bags
  • GoPro videos of the action

All you need to do is arrange the food & drinks (we can assist)..


Indoor at Copeland Park or at your local skatepark

We operate at a number of London Skateparks and we have our indoor location at Copeland Park, Peckham for:

Skateboards & all safety
equipment provided

Group skateboarding lessons

The School of Skate operates skateboarding schools across London and Bournemouth. We started group skateboarding lessons in 2017 when the new skatepark opened in Charlton Park, in London SE7.

We have since expanded, starting group lessons at Folkestone Gardens skatepark, Deptford in 2020, and starting Victoria Park skatepark, Peckham Rye Park. andΒ  Whitegrounds, London Bridge in 2021. We provide both beginner and progressing skateboarding lessons. We teach boys, girls, and adults from 5 years old upwards with a wide range of abilities. We can provide skateboards & all safety equipment, or you can bring your own. We provide insured & DBS enhanced checked skateboard instructors.

Private skateboarding lessons

Whilst based in South London we provide private skateboarding lessons at skateparks across most of London. We have run birthday party lessons, Scout group lessons, and local Council events. We can arrange to bring portable ramps & rails to your venue. Please contact us if you have any questions about our services.

Like ourΒ School of Skate facebook page to receive announcements about ticket releases and news.

Beginner skateboarding lessons

Not everyone wants to do a laser flip down 16 stairs. At the School of Skate we recognise that the vast majority of us are beginners, who have more modest goals, so we focus on helping you stand up on your board, ride along, and falling (with style). The beginner classes take you to the point of being able to do The Drop In.

When you’ve learnt to drop in you can do your Beginner Grading, get the T-Shirt, and join the Progressing Group.

Learn more about our beginner skateboarding programme.

Progressing skateboarding lessons

We provide progressing group and private lessons. After you’ve learnt the basics we can take you forward to follow either a street or transition pathway. With street, you can learn to ollie, and grind (we have specialised equipment made just for this), and onto more advanced skills like the kickflip. With transition you learn to skate ramps and to carve bowls, and can learn lip tricks and airs.

If you’ve got any questions about progressing your skateboarding beyond the basics you can drop us a message.

Some reviews of our lessons
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Anna Akenteva
Anna Akenteva
10:16 14 Jul 24
I booked a lesson to try skateboarding for the first time. Less than an hour before it was meant to start, I got a short email saying that my reservation was cancelled. I'm now sat next to the closed building and I'm very confused. Hoping that there will be a refund, and wondering how I could reliably book lessons in the future.Update: I did get an email clarifying that there was a technical issue, and it provided a code that can be used for an extra booking. Despite the technical trouble, I appreciated the responsiveness. I've yet to attend a lesson still, but I'll update my review after I do that!
Adam Thornton
Adam Thornton
12:33 06 Jul 24
Had my son’s birthday party at School of Skate and all the kids had a blast. The space is fantastic and the instructor was very patient with a bunch of 6 year olds! Would highly recommend.
Krupa Kothari
Krupa Kothari
13:28 21 Jun 24
A great birthday party for my 7 year old and his class mates:)
martine valle
martine valle
20:56 18 Aug 23
My 14 year old nephew had several lessons at School of Skate as a gift from me and his Uncle. He went to Victoria Park in East London and was taught by the incredible Soren! My nephew would come away feeling happy, confident and proud in his new skills!! I could also see the progress and passion for skating emerge after lessons with Soren. Soren has a natural ability with a range of ages and has a calm and patient demeanor. My nephew would come home and sing Soren's praises and said "he was a pretty cool guy and a great teacher!" Which from a teenager is high praise indeed!!Thanks again to Soren and the team. You made summer fun!
Paul Grelon
Paul Grelon
17:35 30 Jul 23
I had a one-on-one class with Soren P from School of Skate this week. It was a lot of fun and he gave me some great tips - even managed to drop into a decent ramp unassisted by the end (something I had never done before). Would highly recommend! Cheers Soren πŸ™‚
Ella Garland
Ella Garland
09:16 04 Jul 23
We had a birthday party at School of Skate for our 7 year old at Peckham Rye. They had a blast. To quote one of the kids β€œBest Party Ever!”
Francesca Ceconi
Francesca Ceconi
21:21 31 May 23
I had my first skate lesson today and it was super!!! Rick was attentive, experienced and helped me progress very quickly. I am learning to surf skate so it was great to find somebody able to give me exercise specifically for this. Thanks!
James Trafford
James Trafford
22:15 19 May 23
This is an incredible class, my kid has improved so much in confidence and ability over just a few classes. the teacher is amazing, holding together a mixed ability class with a real ability to understand each student’s needs. Highly recommend.
Nick Boot-Handford
Nick Boot-Handford
15:47 18 Apr 23
Nilo ran a party for my son and his friends (12 x 5-6 year olds!) and it was fantastic! Most were quite nervous at the beginning, having not skateboarded before, however by the end of it their confidence and skills had really grown and they were all beaming with smiles.The parents have been passing on many thanks for an awesome party too.Highly recommended. Thank you School Of Skate!
Susannah Saunders
Susannah Saunders
21:42 14 Feb 23
My 8 year old has gained so much in confidence since having private lessons with Nilo and in just four sessions his technique has progressed so much. He absolutely loves Nilo. Highly recommend.
Magda Daleczko
Magda Daleczko
13:46 20 Jun 22
Fantastic skateboarding lesson, great experience and lots of fun! Jonty managed to give lots of attention to each one of the kids. He made the lesson fun and engaging but also tailored the practice to help each one of them to improve their skills. They all progressed really fast and gained a lot of confidence.
Dr Elisabeth Rothaug-Smith
Dr Elisabeth Rothaug-Smith
15:14 13 May 22
Stuart is a fun and skilled teacher and my 8 yr pld and his friend had a great time. They finished the lesson feeling more confident having learned new skills. I would highly recommend these sessions.
Jim Kirton
Jim Kirton
10:28 01 Feb 22
I took my 7 year old son for a 1 hour private lesson with his friend at School of Skate. He really enjoyed himself and progressed far faster in that hour than he ever had done before. We now have a set of things to work on to improve, and will definitely be booking another lesson in future.
Samantha King
Samantha King
13:31 22 Nov 21
My son does the beginner skateboard lessons at Charlton park and he's loving it. Nilo (the teacher) is brilliant, really knowledgeable, patient, enthusiastic, and excellent with the kids. Would highly recommend. So glad we found School of Skate
Sumera Khan
Sumera Khan
21:47 13 Nov 21
Rick was a great tutor for our 10 year old boy who is allergic to exercise. At the end of the 1 hour lesson he did not want to attend in the least, he announced "BTW I'm so coming back next week"! He has a mountain to climb in terms of learning to skate board but is in the right hands for this task. The class was great as instead of all the participants being given the same instructions, each child was taught what they needed to learn for their individual pace, skill level & past experience. We were very impressed with the calm, considerate & expert attention to each child's unique needs
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Skateboard Buyers Guide

Before you can learn you need the right skateboard

We always suggest you come and try one of ours at our group lessons. We’ll show you what size you need, how to adjust it and how much to spend. But if you can’t do that please see our sizing & buying guide.

beginner skateboard buying guide - popsicle shape
Rosemary Works School
royal borough of Greenwich
Youth First London
Southwark Council

Before the ollie there was the caveman. Or, after the ollie it became the caveman..... You know what I mean πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

One of our students passed their grading with flying colours 🌈

#schoolofskate #caveman #radical #copelandssp #beyondthecallofduty #sosgrading #stoked

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Skate jam and festival this weekend at Charlton park with @charltonfriends

We`ll have some free taster lessons from 1pm. Please book on the website...

#beatsboardsandbbq #charltonpark

10 2

We found that you`ve been taking your progress trackers home and forgetting to bring them 🀦

So we`ve installed a pinboard so you can leave them with us at @copelands_sp !

#skateschool #learntoskate #progresstracker #beginnerskater #copelandssp

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Beginner progress on a wet Friday πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

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We`re running off some copies of our offline progress tracker for you...

You`ll receive this when you join a beginner lesson. Get a stamp when you complete a skill in your class βœ…

Of course we`d rather you did this online in our learning system, where you`ll find video tutorials, quizzes and where you`ll submit your assignments for beginner grading

#schoolofskate #skateschool #learntoskateboard #beginnerskater #peckham #progresstracker #kickturn #skateboardlessons

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First anniversary jam dump πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

First stop Peckham paintbox with @jjjeremyjones to get some 🎨

We did some board designs to auction for @skate_pal
We`ll be hanging these in the park for a while. Thanks @jjjeremyjones @millsnic πŸ™

Our pro students got involved and did their own designs to set up and ride πŸ–ŒοΈπŸ›Ή

We did lessons with @schoolofskateuk πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“

@theeditldn came through to talk about attitudes towards the Olympics & sneakers πŸ₯‡πŸ₯ˆπŸ₯‰

Skatejam skatejam skatejam with @gingchilla πŸ“’
We had the best prizes this side of Paris πŸ†

Thanks @_chinua__ for coming through with the 🎧🎢

#skatejam #schoolofskate #skatelessons #skateboardgraphics #copelandpark #peckham #skatepark @copelands_sp

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Learning our stances

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Pass your grading by rolling into a flat bank unassisted and submitting your theory assignment πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“

Join the ranks of the progressing students and get:
βœ… Shop discounts
βœ… Cheaper lessons
βœ… Exclusive workshops

Tomorrow we are doing a board graphic design workshop with @jjjeremyjones πŸ–ŒοΈπŸ›Ή

#beginnerskater #learntoskate
#schoolofskate #skateworkshops #progressingskater #copelandssp

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How we teach our students to roll in and be:
πŸ›Ή Safe
πŸ›Ή Independent
πŸ›Ή Able to learn from mistakes
πŸ›Ή Awesome

Rolling into a flat bank is a relatively advanced skill for a beginner, but by using some simple safety techniques, we can quickly experiment & learn (sandboxing) and anyone can learn to do it quickly and easily πŸ˜‰

#learntoskate #sosrollin #schoolofskate #skateboarding #3yearoldskater #beginnerskater

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YES! Today only...

Use code:


to get 50% off lessons

valid at @copelands_sp and our public skatepark sites

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