Lesson for over 11s released for 11am this Saturday… and more..

Last year we saw lots of primary aged kids coming along to our skate school, so this year, as well as the girls-only class, we have decided to offer a group skateboarding lesson for those aged 11 and over. We’re hoping this will attract both those who are older and want to learn the basics, and those who can already ride along, maybe kick-turn, and want to learn more.

We’ll also be running the following lessons each weekend at Charlton Park:

We’ll be bringing our new learner rail along which you can see me demo how to use in a recent post. You don’t need to ollie on, so it’s perfect for getting the feeling of grinding your trucks on metal, and popping off the end.

You can book or find out more below:

Charlton Skate School (11yr & up) 11am Sat 24th Feb

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