Home education group skateboarding lesson in Charlton skatepark

home education skateboarding lesson - rolling in


At the end of 2019 we were approached by a mum keen to run skateboarding lessons for a group of children in home education. We duly obliged and set up a regular Tuesday afternoon session for them at Charlton Park. We provided skateboards, pads and helmets where required and we had a range of ages and abilities present. We had the skatepark to ourselves which was handy, and it was a great atmosphere to have the parents present and getting involved. When we had wet weather we decamped to the Aircraft Circus in Woolwich Dockyard to run the lessons indoor, which worked well.

Skateboarding is a great activity for children in home education for a number of reasons that go beyond learning the sport itself:

  • Learning social skills as part of an activity without the pressure of team sports.
  • It teaches the positive aspect of making mistakes. We first learn to fall safely and then are encouraged to experiment, and make mistakes. This accelerates the learning process. Failing fast is the key to progress. 
  • It teaches the child to be independent, and self reliant.
  • It’s a self-directed activity. After initial guidance there is freedom to experiment.

We can run more sessions for home schooled participants. We are looking for participants from Greenwich, Lewisham, Bexley and Bromley London Boroughs. Please read more about our home education classes.

2 Replies to “Home education group skateboarding lesson in Charlton skatepark”

  1. Saarah Chowdhury says:

    Hi there

    I was wondering if you could kindly advise me how many lessons is priced at £39.90?

    Also do you do any concession prices for autism children by any chance?

    Warmest regards

    1. Stu says:

      Hi Saarah, £39.90 is for a private one hour lesson for one student. Additional students can join and are charged at £10. We don’t offer concessions for autism however you are welcome to join our group classes at £10 per hour, but you may need to provide additional support during group lessons. We can discuss this with you. Stuart

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