Winter skateboarding birthday party at Charlton skatepark

birthday skateboard party group lesson

One of our students had his 7th birthday in November and desperately wanted a skateboarding birthday party where he could show his friends what he’d learnt at skate school. Unfortunately due to the November lockdown we had to push it into December, which I knew was going to be tricky with an outdoor skatepark as a venue.

After much debate and consultation of the weather radar, the event went ahead at Charlton skatepark, but due to health and safety we sadly weren’t able to use the skatepark. Instead we found lots of fun wet weather activity to do on the soft surface of the outdoor gym area.

The birthday boy relished being my assistant as we took the other students through their pushing and riding stances. We then did some kick turns on the spot, pancake flips, body varials, and lots of falling over whilst learning the importance of falling over.

Hot (warm) chocolate was flowing during the lesson, to stave off the chills, and towards the end we did the Birthday cake. The event culminated in a lot of dirty bums when the kids and their entourage took to sliding down the steep bank in the bowl.

Mum Sarah, said ‘Stu is so brilliant with young people. He got 10 children 9 of whom had never skated before up and running. Such pride and a sense of accomplishment for them all. Stu’s school allowed us to do a fab celebration despite COVID-19! Art also takes weekly classes with his buddy Kasper weather allowing: the School of Skate has helped build not just their balance, concentration and posture but their confidence too! It’s a whole ton of fun! Thank you Stu‘.

Our skateboarding parties

We run parties at your local skatepark and our indoor site in Copeland Park, Peckham. We can provide party bags and video for Birthdays mainly but we can cater for all comers.

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