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Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll have seen a new part of our website called skateboard skills. We have now added all the beginner skateboard skills so you’ll know what skills need to do to graduate to the progressing group. On these pages I’ve added the opportunity for you to add clips of your skills.

How to add clips to our skateboard skills pages

You’ll need an Instagram account. Go to the skill page that you can do, or want to do. For example, the kickturn. At the bottom of the page you’ll find the tag you need to add to your Instagram post for that skill. For the kickturn it is #soskickturn (you need to add the # so that Instagram know you are adding a tag). Simply upload your video clip with your skill to Instagram including your tag in the text, and your clip should appear on our page.

If your post doesn’t appear straight away

It may not immediately pick up your skill on our page. Try waiting a little while or try pressing ctrl-f5 on your PC, or scrolling to the top of your page on your mobile, to do a refresh on the page.

Good luck and enjoy learning and sharing your skills.

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