Does a skateboard have a front and a back

shortboard skateboard

We often get asked this question because we use popsicle decks at our lessons. The shape of popsicles, pictured, are often almost symmetrical, and as such it’s difficult to tell the difference at a glance. The reason for popsicles being almost symmetrical is to make it easier to do tricks off the nose, or skate switch (skating in your unnatural stance).

In short, the answer is yes, your skateboard does have a front and a back. The front, is called the nose, and the back, is called the tail.

How to tell the difference between the nose and tail

The nose is usually longer and steeper than the tail. It’s usually difficult to tell the difference from just looking at your deck. You can tell by the way the graphic is printed on the back. However, this does mean it’s hard to tell the difference when the board is upright. You might want to put a mark on the nose of your deck to easily tell the difference.

Is it important to put the nose at the front?

In a word yes. Whilst the difference between the nose and tail may be small, what is a more important factor is the trucks. After skating your skateboard for a while, you will get used to how your trucks feel. The bushings in the trucks will soften as you use them. If you get on your board the wrong way round, it will not feel like your skateboard. So, always make sure the nose of your skateboard is at the front when you ride.

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