Bexley pump track opening bash Sat 3rd April 2021

The long awaited opening of the pump track in Marten’s Grove, Bexleyheath is the 29th of March, when all the other outdoor skateparks can open, as per lockdown relaxation rules. This means we’ll have another free location where we can learn beginner skate skill The Pump.

Bexley borough council are putting on an opening event in conjunction with Bexley bike club on the 3rd April. We had hoped to run some free sessions but unfortunately there will not be any capacity for this. Non-cyclists will be able to use the track after proceedings conclude at 2pm.

Bexley bike club has issued the following statement:

Access Sport will be holding a Covid safe, Inclusive Activity Launch on Saturday 3 April 2021 offering a variety of facilitated taster BMX + cycling sessions aimed at those without their own equipment, which will be provided (see picture).

Easter and regular fortnightly weekend facilitated taster BMX + cycling sessions are also scheduled and we are encouraging those interested in supporting ongoing activity to sign up to help voluntarily and develop skills.

To REGISTER to sign up for sessions or to voluntarily help

PLEASE NOTE: The site will be closed to the public during sessions to ensure the management of Covid Safety Guidelines.

It was rather disappointing that the event couldn’t have been more inclusive of other disciplines but I understand that the COVID situation contributed to this more than anything.

I look forward to have a pump around the track in the afternoon…

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