Scouts get their skate / street sport badge at Charlton

scouts learn to skateboard skate street sports badge

We ran a skateboarding lesson for the Royal 51st Greenwich Sea Scouts at Charlton skatepark so they could get their skate / street sports badge. We covered most of the beginner skills, such as pushing, falling, carving, and kick turns.

Requirements for earning the badge

As per the Scouts Association guidance for the badge there are a few other areas that need to be covered in order for the scout to earn their skate / street sports badge other than just having a go.

Maintaining equipment

The scout should be able to recognise when equipment needs attention. We discussed changing the deck, which is often the first part of a skateboard that needs replacing, and when a wheel bearing might need attention and how to remove it from the wheel, how to lubricate it, and replace it.


We discussed how to safely use the skatepark, how to watch how riders use the park and follow their lead, and know when it is safe to go.Β  We talked about how weather conditions might affect the skatepark and the weather obliged us by providing some of the wet stuff. We finished the lesson on the soft surface.

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