Pushing Mongo. Is it a Stance? Why don’t we teach it?

pushing mongo regular stance

Pushing Mongo is the technique of pushing with the front foot. i.e. the back foot remains on the board whilst pushing.

Mongo is not a stance

Mongo is not a stance. It is not an alternative being regular or goofy. It only refers to the way that you push. i.e. with the front foot instead of the back.

Once you have both feet on the board, you will assume either regular or goofy stance, depending on your preference. i.e. pictured is goofy stance mongo pusher.

If you are pushing mongo, you will either be:

  • Mongo regular – left foot at the front, or
  • Mongo goofy – right foot at the front

Why don’t we teach to push Mongo at Skate School?

Pushing mongo requires two movements to get into riding stance

When you push mongo you must

  1. put your pushing foot on the skateboard, and
  2. then adjust the back foot to get into a comfortable riding stance.

You are making two movements, where things could go wrong. If you push with the back foot, it only requires one movement to place your back foot into a comfortable riding stance. As such pushing normally is the preference when learning to skateboard.

It’s less stable

If there are stones, or cracks in the pavement, and weight is over the front truck, it is more likely that the front wheels will ride over the obstruction and the path of the board will not be disrupted. If the weight is over the back truck and you hit a stone or obstruction, the front truck is liable to bounce, with the wheels leaving the floor. Reducing traction and changing the path of the board.

You need the strongest foot on the tail (back)

This is the most important. Often learners who are pushing mongo are (correctly) pushing with their strongest foot, and then putting the strongest foot on the front of the board (incorrectly).

It is important that your strongest foot is on the tail (back) because the back foot is used most when learning the fundamentals of skateboarding. For example, one of the first tricks you will learn at the skatepark will be the kickturn. Kickturns are much easier with the strongest foot on the tail, to make the fine movements that are required. The back foot is ‘pivotal’ in this respect (excuse the pun).

I push mongo. Should I swap to push with the back foot?

If you have already learnt to push mongo, then no, don’t swap now. Some of my best friends are mongo pushers. Don’t make yourself more work than you need to. It’s all about fun after all.

However, if you are struggling, it may be that you don’t have your strongest foot on the back of the board, which might be something to change up.


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