Copelands Skatepark Reopens in Unit 2B Copeland Park, Peckham

Copelands Skatepark reopens in unit 2B

The skatepark is now open in Unit 2B, Copeland Park, and it now feels like a real skatepark rather than just a room with a ramp in it! We have open skate sessions from Thursday to Sunday. Please book open skate sessions on the website.

We used about 70 PZ2 drill bits, I stepped on a screw, and we smashed a mirror, risking 7 years bad luck, but we got over the line and reopened the park on the 17th Nov 2023.

One picture doesn’t do it justice so please check out the new instagram profile we have created for the skatepark and give it a follow.

2 Replies to “Copelands Skatepark Reopens in Unit 2B Copeland Park, Peckham”

  1. Svitlana Verbytska says:

    Good day. Can I buy a skateboard for a child from you? if so, where can I look and choose?

    1. Stu says:

      Hi Svitlana, we have some complete skateboards at Copeland Park. What age are you buying for? Currently we have 7.75’s which are for older children, aged around 9 up. We are also currently including a free group lesson at Copelands Peckham with your purchase.

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