Palestine Solidarity Fundraiser

Rampstamp Palestine Solidarity fundraiser


On the 19th November we opened our doors for the Palestine Solidarity Fundraiser.

It was a great day of raising awareness of the situation in the middle east, and raising funds for good causes like @skate_pall and @medicalaidpal

Here’s more from @rampstampldn:

❤️ As sports that intertwine lifestyle and community, those of us who skate are in a unique position to connect with others in a shared space.
We have the opportunity to use this network to work together and fight against oppression wherever we see it. With a shared compassion, knowledge, and action we can move toward a better future for all.

🖤 Education is a continuous act, and one we must practice now more than ever. The full list of resources from the event are linked in our bio.
Here you can find information on the ongoing occupation of Palestine, the issues that surround it, and ways to get involved in taking action on the current crisis.

🤍 A special thanks is due to the speakers from @skateruktis & @melaningalsnpals for sharing their personal experience and knowledge with all of us.

💚 London skaters echo the calls from every corner of the world for a #ceasfirenow 🇵🇸

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