Adult beginner skateboard lessons available during lockdown

Adult beginner lesson kickturn on skateboard

So after poring over the guidance from Skateboard England I discovered that we can coach adults during lockdown. Officially skateparks are closed so Greenwich park would make a delightful venue to teach you beginner skills, like how to carve, slalom and kick-turn. We can come further afield, across South, East and Central London, if you have any questions about locations just let us know.

So if you’ve been eyeing up the kids on their boards thinking about how difficult they are making it look, now is the opportunity! We’ve got all the gear you need to get started, and can advise you if you are thinking about buying a beginner skateboard, or need some safety gear. We are ready and waiting for you. All you need to be is over 18, fit and healthy.

In other news we have added details our beginner skateboard programme where you can learn the beginner skateboarding skills at home. I’m in the process of moving this content into a video format for you. Of course we want to help you in person, irrespective of age, once lockdown allows. We also hope to be able to track the progress of our students through the programmes we create. We look forward to developing this with you.

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