0. Get ready to skateboard

school of skate

OK, before we start learning how to skateboard we need to have the right equipment. Padding up First, we should pad up, correctly. Wearing protective pads is strongly recommended. It allows us to take more risks and learn faster. It also prevents us hurting ourselves, and when we are injured we can’t skate. Which is […]

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1. Choose your Stance, Regular or Goofy

choose stance regular or goofy

Today we’re going to figure out what stance we are, regular, or goofy, and along the way we’ll learn the push stance. Here’s our skateboard on the floor. If you’re right footed that foot stays on the floor and your left foot goes on the board, covering the bolts. This is called regular stance. If […]

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2. How to stand on your skateboard

stand on your skateboard

Stand on your skateboard – Transcript Today I’m going to teach you how to stand on your skateboard, and get off it again. We’re not rolling along just yet, we’re covering the absolute basics of skateboarding first so we don’t have any accidents when we start rolling along. Stand on the bolts This is our […]

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5. The push

pushing skateboard

OK, in we’ve learnt our stance, how to stand on our skateboard, and how to fall in a controlled way. This lesson we are finally going to push along. Terrain tips Firstly, make a conscious choice of what terrain to learn on. Skateparks such as this, Charlton Park in London has water-smooth concrete, which is […]

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6. The carve

Carve and turning skateboard

The building blocks Once we’ve learnt to push along on our skateboard with confidence we need to learn to turn. There are two ways to turn, the kick turn, which we’ll cover later, and carving. Carving is where we move our weight over our toes or heels which causes the trucks to flex and turn. […]

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7. The throw down

The throw down skateboard

We are going to learn the throw down today. Initially we want to just get a fluid drop and step on into riding stance, but eventually this is going to develop into a full blown throw down and jump on, so we can get onto our board at speed with relatively little run up. The […]

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8. The kick turn

Kick turn skateboard

You probably want to kick turn on a bank or quarter pipe, but we are going to break this right down for you, and learn it on the spot first before moving to the bank or transition. Required building blocks You should be able to push along and carve on your skateboard comfortably before attempting to […]

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9. The roll in

rolling into a flatbank skatepark

In this lesson we learn to roll into a bank or slope that you would typically find in a skatepark. Try and find a bank that isn’t too steep, like at Charlton Park and Folkestone gardens skateparks. Building block skills You should know how to fall, how to push along, and how to carve on […]

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