1. Advanced slalom carve

Carving is a fundamental skill. The slalom is the single best drill for improving your carving. What is a slalom? A slalom course is line of cones that have been laid out with regular spaces between them. Usually a slalom is a race, to see who can carve around the cones the fastest. Why learn […]

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2. Carving ramps & bowls

pro skateboard lesson

In this skill we will get comfortable with carving while riding ramps and bowls Find a quarterpipe or miniramp. Approach the quarterpipe at an angle and turn by carving. Do not kick turn. When you can do this comfortably, approach the quarterpipe more directly. You will find this harder. If you find this difficult, learn […]

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3. Your first 360 on a ramp

skateboard instructor

We need to train our basic kickturn to a level where can apply it to tricks, like grinds and rotating ollies. We do this by practicing on the spot. To complete this skill you should be able to do a backside (the way your are facing) three quarter turn (270 degrees) do a frontside (the […]

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4. First 360 on the flat

Adult beginner lesson kickturn on skateboard

Kickturns on the nose Kickturns on the nose, switch kickturns, whatever we want to call it, learning fine control over the nose is vital to a number of tricks we’ll be working on in the Progressing Programme. Put your foot on your nose. Use techniques you learnt in the beginner course to kick turn on […]

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OK, before we start learning how to skateboard we need to have the right equipment. Padding up First, we should pad up, correctly. Wearing protective pads is strongly recommended. It allows us to take more risks and learn faster. It also prevents us hurting ourselves, and when we are injured we can’t skate. Which is […]

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1. Choose your Stance, Regular or Goofy

choose stance regular or goofy

Today we’re going to figure out what stance we are, regular, or goofy, and along the way we’ll learn the push stance. Here’s our skateboard on the floor. If you’re right footed that foot stays on the floor and your left foot goes on the board, covering the bolts. This is called regular stance. If […]

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2. How to stand on your skateboard

stand on your skateboard

Stand on your skateboard – Transcript Today I’m going to teach you how to stand on your skateboard, and get off it again. We’re not rolling along just yet, we’re covering the absolute basics of skateboarding first so we don’t have any accidents when we start rolling along. Stand on the bolts This is our […]

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3. Learning to fall, and falling to learn.

Skateboarding - How to fall and learn

Video Transcript Don’t jump off your board The first rule of falling is – do not jump off your skateboard. The first instinct when you experience a loss of balance is to jump off your skateboard. You must train yourself to overcome this instinct for three reasons. Firstly to prevent injury. The skateboard’s design has […]

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5. The push

pushing skateboard

OK, in we’ve learnt our stance, how to stand on our skateboard, and how to fall in a controlled way. This lesson we are finally going to push along. Terrain tips Firstly, make a conscious choice of what terrain to learn on. Skateparks such as this, Charlton Park in London has water-smooth concrete, which is […]

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