Charlton Beats, Boards & BBQ skateboard lesson


Charlton Beats, Boards & BBQ skateboard lesson


What? Skateboard lesson
When? Beats, Boards & BBQ 15th July
Who? Ages 5 and up
Where? Charlton Park Skatepark

Only one order per customer (don’t be greedy).

All safety equipment included.

Pick an event on the calendar:
Student #1

A free beginner skateboard lesson during Beats, Boards & BBQ at Charlton Park Skatepark.

How does it work?

  1. Book your lesson
  2. Setup access to the Learning App (instructions here) using the code in your confirmation email
  3. Before your lesson review the Cornerstone Skills and input your Stance: Regular or Goofy; into the App so we can hit the ground rolling in the lesson
  4. Join the lesson and learn some skills
  5. Learnt  The Drop in on a quarterpipe?
    – No; practice some more!
    – Yes; You’re ready to do your Beginner Grading! and graduate to the Progressing Group

Our skateboard instructors are fully insured and enhanced DBS checked.



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